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Complex Project Manager


The project CPM - Complex Project Manager focuses on the development of a project planing and management engine. It will support multiple projects and resource dependend calendars (official holidays, vacations).


There is no free tool providing support for real live project management, that allows to manage many projects and can handle concurrencies for resources between projets, handling of special days (official holidays, vacations, maintenances of machines, days with different working hours)...
This project intends to write an engine for such tools in Java. The project team starts with focus on their needs as professional software developer but may later incoperate hints/suggestions from other industries. It is not intented to write a project reporting tool.
It is meant to be used in this way: One defines his project using the common elements like phases or milestones. The engine will simulate this projects flow using discrete simulation.

It will take respect to:
- resource availability times
- calendars (special days, holidays, etc)
- concurrency for resources and
- the actual project progress.

It is intendet to be used in a tool that is preferably used company wide. If so it will give the project manager a real view on his projects. She/He will see how long it realy will take and show why some things will not work. If this engine is used by single users only it will not be so effective but very helpfull anyway.


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W.Wagner, 04.05.05